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Costplusbenefits.ca is a plan available to businesses who wish to provide health

and medical coverage for its employees. Under the costplusbenefits.ca Health Plan

arrangement, there are no  monthly premiums. It does not matter whether or not

your company already has group insurance!  


Costplusbenefits.ca reimburses the employees tax free and invoices paid, are

deductible to the business!

Any amounts not covered by your group insurance plan can be submitted for

'topping up'. This is especially important for the owners and other executives.


For business owners or family corporations, it is more efficient to have the business pay for its'  medical expenses. When you pay for the expenses personally:

        a)  you pay for them with after-tax dollars

        b) you have a 3%* deductible        

           c) you get minimal tax credit

                            *(3% of your net income)


Costplusbenefits.ca can adapt to your business’ needs. and is a unique program for your business to explore. Call one us for an appointment to review your specific needs and desires. We’re here to serve your needs in any way we can. We would love to meet with you to review your needs and show you and how Cost Plus can benefit your business! Click here for Contact information.